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The Rage R180 is an incredible vehicle, capable of operating on a variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac race track to full motocross.

It is powered using the engine from the now legendary Honda Fireblade Motorcycle, the engines used are all low mileage examples and come with a full warranty.

As the name suggests the R180 has 180hp which is delivered to the rear wheels via our own fully enclosed drive system.

The R180 comes in Motocross stance as standard, and can then be converted to Supermoto within 15 minutes using the optional Supermoto kit, comprising of tarmac tyres, alloy wheels and shorter shock absorber springs (must be used in conjunction with adj. suspension).

The 998cc engine gives incredible performance and will launch the vehicle from 0-60mph in 3.5 secs est. and on to a top speed of 115mph.

It is fitted with a six speed gearbox which is operated using a sequential gear shifter mounted to the right of the steering wheel. The R180 is also fitted with reverse.

A conventional pedal layout is used, with accelerator, brake and clutch being foot operated. The brake pedal can be used with either left or right foot depending on personal preference.

Ready to race

* Picture below shows the optional upgraded 4-Ways Intrax Shock Absorber. 



998cc Four Stroke 16v 180bhp (Fireblade) 6 Speed Manual fully checked warranted used engine

Fuel tank
Foam Filled Aluminium Tank
(Capacity 19 Litres)

Quaife Forward & Reverse Gearbox
with A.T.B Differential and now fully
Gear Driven

Sequential Short Shift Rally Style

Powder Coated 1.5" Cds Tubular Space Frame. Tested beyond FIA standards

Floor Pan
Aluminium 5-bar Plate

Aluminium Rim, 12x6 Front,
12x8 Rear Douglas Red Label

Front - Off Road 23"x8"x12"
Rear - Off Road 23"x10"x12"

Shocks Absorbers
RAGE Adjustable Intrax Gas Charged
Dampers with Spherical Bearings

395 kg (Dry)



Front - Double Wishbone with 13.5" travel
Rear - Double Wishbone with 14.5" travel

Aluminium Rack & Pinion,
1.5 Turns Lock to Lock

Stainless Steel Cross Drilled Wavy Discs all round with Brembo Calipers and Bias adjustment

FIA Approved Diolen Race Seat (Adjustable)

FIA approved 5-point Pro

Front & Rear Bumpers and Side Nerf Bars

Aluminium Race Radiator with
Thermostatically Controlled Twin Fans and expansion tank

Full Stainless Steel
Race Exhaust System

Length - 2490mm
Width - 1685mm
Height - 1400mm


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